To have healthy and wealthy thoughts begin with creating your value and wealth through self belief and knowledge. In life, we will have multiple relationships but the most important relationship one can ever start with is self. In order to have a healthy, wealthy and vibrant life, one must know where people, places and things can benefit us.

What is the journey to effective health? The journey to holistic health starts with having a sound mind. A sound mind is your mental sanctuary for internal and external peace. To be whole internally and externally one must have a strong resilient internal will where all manifestations will derive from.

what is the journey to effective wealth? The journey to effective wealth is knowing the importance of value and worth; and how one can make it applicable to self. In order to have a healthy understanding of wealth, one must understand what money is, how it can play a positive role in ones life and the wisdom to acquire wealth.

Why are the two linked/why you can't have one without the other? The two concepts of health and wealth go hand in hand because they both assist with how you create, the longevity of your wealth and the maintenance of the health of it all.

What are you offering that will benefit me? I am offering the mental health strength and will- building techniques that will assist you in manifesting your goals, dreams and desires; effective maintenance of health and wealth; as well as the keys to knowing how to have healthy wealthy thoughts.