Welcome to Healthywealthythoughts Blog

Welcome to Healthy Wealthy Thoughts!

I am your Author, Host and Educator Grace Ejiwale. I created Healthy Wealthy Thoughts because I was tired of experiencing life without grace. And a life without grace is absent of healthy and wealthy thoughts. When I was reflecting and reevaluating my life and who I wanted to become, I suddenly was hit with the same epiphany that was always revealing itself to me, which was that I could do it. If only I would forgive myself for thinking that I knew the full deep rich understanding of life and then to be open to it. 

What does it take to be vulnerable? It took intention, having a sanctuary to do my self work and support from loved ones who offered advice to stay on track. Being open with my support system on a goal I am working on and what’s going on with my self work. I then took the new reflections with my reset of goals and put it into action.

Having Healthy Wealthy Thoughts is intentional and is a life changing process. I take one day at a time being gentle and open in ways with myself that I wasn’t taught. Take action. Plan with time. Believe and know you are one. 

Stay tuned for educational resources in forms of E-books, Audio and Podcasts.

Thank you for participating and I, Grace Ejiwale- Creator/ Founder, and Educator- wish you Healthy Wealthy Thoughts!

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