Understanding the Success of Failure: Perceptions of Perfection

Understanding the Success of Failure: Perceptions of Perfection

Growing up, it was understood that winning was everything. If you weren't on top, you were nothing. If you didn't achieve and maintain the number one position, you weren't valuable. You were never seen. People who didn't win were invisible to those judging them in life but those judging were also consumed by the beliefs of an unforgiving society. This unforgiving society expects a savior but refuses to acknowledge the humanity and divinity within. 

I have noticed that winning grabs hold of the attention of many, but the losing of it- whether for a moment or forever- grabs the heart of few. It takes courage, vulnerability and understanding to lose to the perception of perfection. Losing to the perception of perfection allows you to see the things culture buried you under, kept you from and said you could never be.

Out of fear, you rose.

It is imperative that we listen and hear what others have to say, but it is also even more important that we are able to perceive, discern and understand ourselves. We don't listen to conform; we must listen to overstand.

In all that we do, it is important that we get an overstanding. I have seen many people have an addictive reaction to what they perceive as success only to realize, it wasn't success at all. This is a place in life where we are rewarded by the emotional reactions of others around us, which stimulates and programs us. 

To move forward, one should spend time in the art of mindfulness. You enter that zone through meditation. It comes from a desire to be better and not just precontemplation of being better. It is intentional. When you practice creating this sacred space, enter with grace-no pun intended- and gentleness. Realize you never knew what you knew and what you know now won't be the same later.

"Life is a process, and not merely a state of being" stated Keanna Green, Owner of Vision Life Consulting Services,as well as Associate of the Caribbean Youth Club of Boston and Melanin Owned Businesses (MOB). Life is more so a tool that helps us not only experience life but it allows us to create meaningful ties that connect us to the many parts of ourselves. Find yourself through gaining the new from the old and find a balance that works for you.

Remember, there is no such thing as failure. You must hit the rock until you become aware that you should consider walking around it, climbing over it, move it out the way, go under it; or just create a new atmosphere and soar. Once you're able to have that grip on maintaining yourself, you will be able to focus so deep on yourself that you remember that it was you that mattered the entire time. Could you imagine if Oprah Winfrey gave up, she wouldn't be where she is today? Could you imagine if people of color didn't fight for their rights? Could you ever imagine if Madam C.J. Walker stopped experimenting with hair care products? If you don't know what you personally would have done lets you know that you still have that fight within you. 

Continue minding your business and healing yourself starting with one thing you know is good for you at a time. Create the conditions that make you the best version of you and know how it will manifest in your life. This is a process I suggest you write down on a piece of paper and keep close to you. You can also get a head start by purchasing Green's latest 6 (six) series book called Life's Reckoning. Green stated that her "series contains keys to unlocking invaluable skill sets required to traverse daily life effectively. Concepts are expressed from a Caribbean cultural perspective. Through collective exercises, self-assessments, unique techniques, tools and resources; options for resolution are explored in such areas as problem solving, money management, self-awareness, stress and so much more.” 

For more information on getting your life on track and creating certain conditions that bring about the best you, book your consultation. Green has been servicing the Boston community for over 20 years. She currently heads Vision Life Consulting Services, as well as Associate of the Caribbean Youth Club of Boston and Melanin Owned Businesses (MOB). She also is an astute Sr. Life Coach, Programming Consultant and Instructor at Roxbury Community College. 

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Until then, keep those healthy wealthy thoughts!