They Don't Love You: Red Flags Of An Unstable Relationship

You're in a relationship or maybe trying to start one, but for some reason something is telling you or showing you that it won't work. You keep having conflicts of interest- a situation where the concerns of two parties or more aren't in alignment- which creates a stagnancy. There are many examples of conflicts of interest, but it occurs when two or more parties are in pursuit of the same goal with concerns of all needs being met. For example, you have a car and your mother and sister would like to borrow it but at the same time. They both need it and both needs are valid. The problem is now who gets the car. 

The same situation can be made applicable to conflicts of interest in relationship building. What are the signs of instability in relationships? According to " 13 Key Signs That a Partner May Be Emotionally Unstable: Warning Signs to Watch Out For When Entering a Relationship" by Alice Boyes, Ph.D. states that red flags can be seen in emotional instability. If a person "makes angry statements", "struggles to show up", "dramatic families", "failure to show empathy", "trying to one-up you", "never admitting wrong doing", and etc. When you see any of these red flags, it is usually a strong warning for what else that could most likely come from it and what will continue to unfold if left ignored.

It is important when you see any red flags that you are in a healthy wealthy mindset to be able to think strongly in such a situation. Remember who you are by telling yourself who you are and what the goal is. Know what you have and if it is enough for the situation. Identify who and what this is serving. Know what you will be sharing and if it will or can be reciprocated. And most importantly, is this something or someone that can be trusted to ensure the things you need for your higher good.

Now it is the time to decide whether this union is good for you or not. This is where you take your understanding and discernment to decide if this union serves the greater goal and you simultaneously. At times, we may have a habit to reach goals in absence of being mindful of self. Make sure you are filling the void or meeting the need, but not at the risk of ignoring needs of self.

By making sure you are reaching goals, not ignoring your needs, knowing the best way to make sure all sides are met to ensure happiness is key. At times, happiness may include sacrifice, but no sacrifice should ever make you feel empty.

Remember, you can only give what you got. And if you don't have it, you can't share it. To stay aligned, one must be able to discern healthy habits so that you won't have compromises. But if you do, you will have the ability to discern the difference and act for the greater good. Until then, keep your thoughts healthy and wealthy.

Yours truley,