The Food Project's Build-a-Garden initiative

Get Healthy Wealthy Thoughts with The Food Project's Build-A- Garden Initiative

(Boston, Ma) The Food Project's Build-a-Garden initiative supports Boston residents and organizations who want to grow their own food in raised-bed gardens. It is indeed a new year, and we all have goals to tend to. But do you have a bed for the seeds of your intentions to lay in? It is known that when you create a goal, action is required to begin, maintain and improve it. Many of us look towards others to plant a seed, water it and grow it. But what would you do if Healthy Wealthy Thoughts told you that you can plant your first seed? Boston city residents have been given the opportunity to grow their own food and healing herbs with one of Boston's own organizations called The Food Project. 
To apply to application, click here!
They accept applications year-round. Contact The Food Project with any questions or concerns at or 617-442-1322x12. For more detailed information, click here!
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