Managing Trauma: When Your Loved One Is a Hoe

Managing Trauma: When Your Loved One Is a Hoe

What do you do when your loved one is currently in the stage of being a hoe? How are you supposed to manage your emotions, thoughts and beliefs about this hoe phase? How do you recover after finding out that your loved one is a hoe? How do you love a hoe without judging them for it? 

It may be difficult to love someone who challenges your beliefs and upbringing. It may be even more difficult to make room for them especially if it is an area we believe and or know we will be judged in. The most important thing to remember is that if it wasn't for love and for someone who didn't care what society had to say or what rules others abided by, we would be lost and many of us forgotten.

At times, we do need to brainstorm situations and be honest with ourselves about how something will affect us. It is crucial we know what we can do and what we can't do. But it is to be overstood that judging someone because of their situation never helps anyone. You yourself may end up going through the same path so be mindful.

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For further help, please visit sexual recovery anonymous.

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