Being Mindful of Self

Being mindful of self is something that is beneficial for us all. It is a place where we come together to meet the multiple parts we can call self. The place of mindfulness sits in a dungeon deep into the abyss of the soul. Traveling never not too far but always as close as a faint whisper. We translate from rivers to oceans in the mid side of towns, provinces and cities. Mustering the faith to hold, we expose all sides leaking into provoked thoughts challenged by a grain of knowing. Twisted truths leave parallel realities of illusion banking of beliefs. Gradually entering a phase of recognition, we bow. We bow our heads into a grace of vision. Holding this and that. Just for you to realize it was you. You looking back into the reflection of invisibility. Touching a hair. Feeling that tremor. Dusting off of old. Pulling towards the new. Wondering if I ever saw me.

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